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Don’t let small details create big problems.

When someone steps foot inside your building, it’s the first impression that counts. Is the foyer or entrance clean? Are the floors and windows spotless? Is it not just clean, but welcoming?

When a building is clean and tidy, it reflects a level of professionalism. It gives confidence, and a great first impression to visitors and tenants alike. A clean work environment is an expectation of staff. A recent study found that employees valued cleanliness as the most important factor in the workplace environment.

When a building is clean, you’re more likely to retain valuable tenants and their staff for the long term. That means greater levels of satisfaction for property managers and business leaders, and higher financial returns for the building owner.

What people look for in the physical workspace
Westferry bring a proactive approach to commercial cleaning – they are transparent and don’t cut corners.
With Westferry, I have the confidence that whatever I ask for is done right first time.

4 reasons to choose Westferry:

  1. Your clients will have a consistently clean and inviting premises

  2. You will have less hassles for a property manager

  3. A higher satisfaction of those occupying your buildings

  4. A higher quality property, demand from tenants and see a higher rate of tenancy for the owners.

5 years ago I awarded the contract cleaning of a large
multi-storey building in the CBD to Westferry Property Services. Westferry have consistently maintained our building to the highest standard ever since.
— MANAGER Facilities Management – Bayleys Property Services Ltd, Auckland

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